A Holiday Giveaway: Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks

Hey there, lovelies!

We are all beginning to recover from our Thanksgiving food comas and the season of Christmas is officially upon us!  To kick off the gift-giving, I am having a giveaway!  I am so thankful for this blog and the amazing people I’ve met through it, so I can’t wait to give back to a few of you!

christmas makeup giveaway

There will be three winners who will each win one set of Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks, which contain a Deluxe Melted Lipstick and a Deluxe Love Flush Blush:

  • The purple set: Melted Lipstick in Fig and Love Flush Blush in Your Love is King.
  •  The pink set: Melted Lipstick in Peony and Love Flush Blush in Justify my Love.
  • The nude set: Melted Lipstick in Nude and Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover.

too faced christmas giveaway

To enter, follow the rafflecopter directions below!  The only mandatory ways to enter are…

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3 Ways to Relieve Stress

In health class today we filled out sheet that was supposed to tell us how stressed we are based on events that happen in our life. Above 250 points means you’re overly stressed…and what did I get you may ask? 382. Yikes.

So today I decided to share my top 3 ways to relieve stress and how I cope with it.

1. Working out- it’s kind of cliché but I love running or doing a quick cardio workout to clear my mind. My favorite fitness instructor is Blogilates, I love her energy and her exercises are always so fun! My go-to workout at the moment is her quick sweat circuit, but since I have the monthly calendar I get to do a different one every day! #yaassssScreen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.22.28 PM

2. Relax- take up a new hobby. Listen to soothing music. Take a nap. Clear your mind. Anything that relaxes you will lower your blood pressure and turn off your flight or flight responses (which shouldn’t even be on!) For me it’s crocheting, I learned two weeks ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. That and a Taylor Swift album (1989 is where it’s at) leaves me feeling refreshed and calm.lead

3. Laugh it out- by laughing out loud your brain releases endorphins, which lightens your mood and lowers your cortisol levels. By watching your favorite comedy or chatting with a good friend, laughing will always make you feel better. Besides, being with people who make you happy will brighten my mood any day.IMG_4586

Well that’s it for today. Thanks for reading folks!

Tried and tested-Football dip

Hello lovely people. Today was the Super Bowl…and Seattle lost (tears and lots of disappointment over here). But that’s okay because I made this fabulous cookies and cream dip from Creative Juice, in the shape of a football. It was pretty awesome. And now for lots of photos. IMG_0764 IMG_0766 IMG_0768

I substituted green skittles for the coconut though because of the lack of time…and Marshawn Lynch. You know what I’m talking about. #beastmodeIMG_0770 IMG_0772Well that’s all for today. A Seahawks banner tutorial is coming soon though. Be on the lookout.

DIY Computer Screensaver

Screen Shot I’ve always hated the pre-programmed Mac screen savers. They’re so boring, and to be honest, I don’t like a photo there either. It’s either too boring, or I just can’t find a good enough photo. Here’s my solution.

1. I screenshot my original screen by pressing shift, command, and then 3 simultaneously. I then save it to iPhoto to see the dimensions. (If anyone has an easier way please share.) But the good part is you only have to do this step once, as the dimensions never change. 

2. I pick out my favorite photos from Pinterest and Tumblr, and download them onto iPhoto. 

Screensaver edit
3. You’re then going to open any photo editing site. I’m just using Picmonkey because I’m familiar with the program. Go to the design function of the program and insert the correct dimensions, which are shown above for my screen.

4. I then insert my photos as an overlay and position them the way I want. 

It’s pretty much that simple. I just save it and download it as my desktop. Thanks so much for reading guys. Oh, and what would your desktop look like? Tweet or post a picture with the hashtag #paytoninwonderland. 

5 Resolutions For the New Year.

I have a big long list of resolutions that will probably never happen, but here’s 5 that can apply to most everybody…maybe.Inspo

1. Volunteer/giving back to my community-I felt like I needed to do that this Christmas but never got around to it. I’ve always loved the feeling of helping people, so what better way?

2. Take a cooking or sewing class-We’ve all been there. We say we’re going to learn to cook or knit or whatever your in to, but never actually do it. I would love to be able to cook more and have a little sewing experience up my sleeve. It’s a win win situation.

3. Take up yoga-Something about it just has me hooked. Dance has a lot of the same elements, but yoga’s just different. It makes me feel powerful, yet calm; and I would like to do a lot more of it.

4. Get outside of my comfort zone-Me. Everyday. All day. Always playing it safe. Well not this year, this year I’m branching out, being more expressive, taking more risks. Again, there’s no downside to this.

5. Learn a language-Another language connects you to a whole new range of people wherever you go. A skill I think everyone should have. English is currently my only language, but I want that to change. I’m thinking French, Spanish,Portuguese, or Korean.

Any of you have a resolution you’d like to share? Tell me below, and goodnight.

My Top 5 Mascaras

I’ve been putting this moment off for awhile now. Not sure why, just kind of dreaded coming back, which is weird considering I just started this journey. I don’t know whether or not I just didn’t know what to write about, or maybe didn’t want to take the time to, but I’m back. I’m back and going to be here for awhile. First off, I’d like to say Merry Christmas! I know I’m terribly, terribly late, but hey better late then never. Okay, enough of the rambling. Onto the first post of 2015.

IMG_0664I’ve tried quite a few mascaras before, and here are my favorite 5, all ranging in price.IMG_0637IMG_0647

1. They’re Real by Benefit Cosmetics-This is my holy grail of makeup. Even though it’s on the pricier side at $23 for a full size, it still makes your lashes look amazing in just one coat. It’s a rubbery brush with a lot of bristles, so just make sure not to poke your eye with it…because it hurts. The only downside is it’s a struggle to get off. But anything to up our lash game.

IMG_0641 IMG_06512. Too Faced Better Then Sex-Tossing aside the name, this is definitely in the running with They’re Real. The brush is soft and angles out towards the end, which for some reason works. Again it’s a little pricey, but come on, if we want it you know we’re going to buy it.

IMG_0639IMG_06493. Perversion by Urban Decay-Again, the brush is extremely soft and is your average shape. One coat leaves me with great looking lashes and I still have a ton left.

IMG_0642 IMG_06534. Buxom Waterproof Mascara by Buxom-You can basically coat your whole eye lash with this brush without even moving it around. The long brush resembles They’re Real and makes my lashes a lot longer and fuller. All in all, a great buy.

IMG_0644 IMG_06565. Pumped Up Colossal volum’ express by Maybelline-Pretty much my go to drugstore mascara. Not my favorite obviously, but it does get the job done; it also happens to be my everyday mascara. Sometime’s I want my lashes to be visible but not over the top, this is just perfect for that.

What’s your favorite mascara? Oh, and like always, leave suggestions. They’re always appreciated.

Thanksgiving 2014

I spent Thanksgiving with my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and of course dog. I’d like to think the smaller group would mean less pressure for my mom, but I’d be lying if I said it was. Here’s how the day went down…in pictures.

I recreated this garland from A Beautiful Mess, and I think it turned out pretty well.  
IMG_3725IMG_3713 IMG_3716 IMG_3718I made some white paper flowers that you will see throughout this post. IMG_3720IMG_3728 IMG_3729My mom and I found this idea on Pinterest for a centerpiece, and loved the simplicity of it.
IMG_3733 IMG_3734 IMG_3738 IMG_3739Oh, and you didn’t think I’d forget the outfit of the day did you?

IMG_3745 IMG_3746 IMG_3747 IMG_3748 IMG_3749After dinner we took Dixon for a beautiful walk, well, maybe he took us for a walk.

And a little post-dinner cuddling with the puppy. IMG_3761 IMG_3766 IMG_3767 IMG_3768 And then it was game time…till midnight. And if you were wondering why the man sitting at the back of the table looks like he’s at the kids table, it’s because we only have three chairs for our high dining table. A.K.A we improvised. IMG_3769 IMG_3770I hope you all had a glorious Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to here all of your stories. Tell me in the comments how your day went, and sleep in tomorrow! You deserve it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your day is filled with lots of laughter, food, and of course food induced comas. I’ve been photographing the day so far, so make sure to check by tomorrow or Saturday for a recap. In the meantime, enjoy some pre-dinner photos of my crazy hilarious dog Dixon. IMG_3717 Continue reading

Temptations Tuesday: A Good Camera

I’ve been wanting a decent camera for awhile now, preferably DSLR, I just don’t know what to get. I’ve heard great things about the Canon Rebel series, but I have also heard some not so great things. Maybe the Canon 5D Mark II, I just don’t know.



I would love to hear your experiences with any camera’s you own, and as always leave your thoughts and opinions below.

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